Sunday, May 15, 2011

Symmetry and Spinal Health

On countless occasions, I've had patients come to me stating that they "don't feel straight".  In my line of work, as a chiropractor Chicago, this of course is a reference to their structural or spinal alignment.  Patients are acutely aware that something is "off" and need help a) confirming this, and b) rectifying it.  There are many reasons why your body may not be perfectly symmetrical such as leg length inequalities, structural abnormalities and/or muscular imbalances.  If you notice imbalances we can help. Using a combination of techniques we can assist in restoring your body back to balance.
Stand in front of the mirror and assess your symmetry. First, close your eyes and march on the spot for 2 or 3 seconds. Now stop marching, put your feet shoulder width apart and check the following:
1. Is your head shifted to one side?
2. Are your ears level? Can you see both ears equally?
3. Are your shoulders the same height?
4. Can you draw a straight line down from between your eyes, through the nose, center of your chin, sternum, belly button and down to between your feet?
5. Do your arms hang evenly at your sides? Is there equal space between your arms and body?
6. Do your knee caps face straight ahead?
7. Do your feet point ahead equally? Does one foot flare out more?
Of course there are natural asymmetries that are not significant but if you notice any imbalances from the above observations please check with us to see if it can be corrected. The more you are misaligned the more damage you are doing to your body. Just like a car with misaligned wheels, left unchecked for a long time it can lead to significant wear and tear. Be good to your body and it will return the favor.  And if you have any concerns over your alignment, visit your chiropractor in Chicago for a thorough evaluation and, if necessary, treatment to get you “realigned”.

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